Busy, But Socially Engaged

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Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm excited to share with you my new listings, and my crazy journey throughout this real estate career and all the organizations that I'm involved with.


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April 8th, 2016: FUSION:Bangor had an event called Feed Your Brain (Read: learn and eat. Whats not to love?!) where we had the opportunity to listen to a panel of motivated, passionate speakers and their experiences with volunteerism. It was Über inspiring to hear about these folks donating their valuable time for the greater good of the community. It made me wish there were more hours in the day! United Way of Eastern Maine, The American Folk Festival and Bangor AmeriCorps had representatives speaking about the vast possibilities to achieve volunteer goals and to connect with the community.

Feed your brain


With all of this motivation and inspiration, I had to ask, is there a way to find a good volunteering/work-life balance? With a little research and self reflecting, it seems that volunteering, albeit energy and time-consuming, may contribute to a greater sense of balance, which might, in turn, positively influence health. On the flip side (my husband always says I play "devils advocate, though I hate that term) Scarymommy.com posted an article about why one woman gave up volunteering all together. She saw negative physical and mental changes due mainly in part to her overexertion of volunteering. Everything in moderation, right?


With that being said, we are off to the 21st annual Hike For The Homeless walk this morning! Lets tell homelessness to take a hike!


H4H H4H2


This is my first written post…bear with me as I get the hang of this and please feel free to send feedback my way.


XOXO, Kitty



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